Winged Type IV Catheter


Beckon’s IV Catheter is uniquely designed with a Back-cut bevel to provide a more comfortable insertion into the patient’s peripheral vascular system. The Flexible Wing offers an easy securement and a safe insertion with the confirmation of a successful venipuncture due to the clear and transparent flash back chamber

Thin-wall construction that permits high flow rates into the patient’s peripheral vascular system

Radio opaque catheter with 3 x-ray detectable contrast stripes that enable x-ray detection of catheter position

Clear and transparent flash back chamber for immediate confirmation of successful venipuncture

Unique Back-cut bevel, designed to make insertion more comfortable for you and your patients

Flexible wing for fixation and as grip platter

Color-coded labels for easy gauge size identification

Integrated lock fitting for an easy and tight closure of the catheter after withdrawing the needle

Teflon catheter material

Provide access into the Peripheral Vascular System for the administration of fluids and for withdrawal of blood

Certificate of analysis on file and available upon request
Color ID Gauge Catheter OD (mm) Length (mm) Length (in) Actual Flow Rate (mL/min) Packaging Beckon PN
red 14 2.00 55 2.16 300 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
grey 16 1.60 55 2.16 150 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
green 18 1.20 32 1.25 75 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
green 18 1.20 45 1.75 75 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
pink 20 1.00 32 1.25 54 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
blue 22 .80 25 1.00 25 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
yellow 24 .70 19 .75 19 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct
purple 26 .65 19 .75 14 50pc/bx,
2000 pc/ct

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