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Beckon Scientific is a multinational company established in Delaware and  headquartered in Miami, Florida from where drives its international operations. The company specializes in generic pharmaceutical and disposable medical devices using innovative practices to deliver superior quality and value to its customers.


Beckon Scientific Beckon Scientific produces quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices using innovative practices that deliver superior value to our customers.
Chairman of the Board


Magin Blasi-Blanchard

Jesus A. Loreto

Beckon Scientific Locations Miami, Florida USA
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Brands – Beckon Scientific
Beckon’s Product Categories

– Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
– Blood and Blood Forming Organs
– Cardiovascular System
– Dermatologicals
– Genito-urinary System and Sex Hormones
– Systemic Hormonal Preparations, Excluding Sex Hormones and Insulins
– Gastroenterology
– Antiinfectives for Systemic Use
– Aniteoplastic and Immunodulation Agents
– Muscleskeletal System
– Nervous System
– Antiparasitic Products, Insecticides and Repellent
– Respiratory System
– Sensory Organs
– Various

Medical Devices

– Airway
– Apparel / Bedding
– Diagnostics
– Fluid Handling
– Lab Supplies
– Perioperative Supplies
– Skin & Advanced Wound Care


– Custom purchasing
– Procurement solutions

Customers – Hospitals
– Medical Offices
– Clinics
– Ambulatory Care
– Laboratories
– Nursing Homes
– Surgery Centers
– Emergency Centers
– Government
Beckon Scientific Corporate Brochure

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